Quality and performance are the hallmarks of REDA separators and we take care that every RE-P centrifuge model meets exactly these characteristics.
Our clarifiers are designed with the purpose of non-alcoholic beverage clarification by separating and ejecting the heavier solids contained therein.
To meet producers needs, we offer a wide variety of sizes and designs, including cost-efficient and compact top-fed technologies as well as fully hermetic feeding.
Standard design of RE-P serie has large operational surface and the capability of automatic ejection of solids, with a very high clarification efficiency. This allows to get clarified products in continuous on a single pass, even with high flows and solids content and without the need of recirculation.
Its hermetic design assures a gentle product handling with no oxidation, maximized product yield and quality and optimization of power consumption thanks to adoption of gear drive controlled by inverter for all models.
In many applications it becomes a mandatory complement for pre-clarification prior to membrane filtration process (ex. apple juice fining). This ensures a high yield, high capacity and excellent quality of the final product.

Application examples:
• Clarification of apple, citrus and exotic juices
• Tea clarification
• Coffee clarification
• Soft drinks clarification

Juices & Beverages Products