REDA self‐cleaning automatic separators: a promise of quality, solidity and performances.
The strength of REDA lies in its deep knowledge of separation technology applied in the milk and its by-products.
The range of REDA separators ensures short‐term return on investment and very low management and maintenance costs. We have developed vertical disc stack centrifugation system, a well tested technology that optimizes separation with minimum product impact, while ensuring energy efficiency, operational reliability and a high level of safety. All units come with automatic self-cleaning system (solids-ejecting), gear drive or belt transmission depending on hydraulic capacity, speed control through inverter and working phases managed by PLC.

We have the right solutions for the milk-processing sector:
• Cream separation
• Milk clarification
• Milk bacteria removal
• Whey skimming
• Whey clarification
• Milk & cream automatic standardization

Dairy & Milk Industry Products