REDA clarifier is a modern and efficient separator designed with the purpose of beer clarification by directly separating the heavier solids contained after fermentation. Thanks to its automated control the process of clarification comes in continuous, solids are expulsed outside without the need of intermediate stops for cleanings.

REDA Clarifiers of RE-BR serie are designed for:
• Yeast elimination
• Green beer clarification
• Beer clarification at end of fermentation
• In-line clarification with cartridge filtration module

Standard design of REDA clarifier is its large operational surface and the capability of automatic ejection of solids, with very high separation efficiency. Its design, therefore, allows to obtain the best results in terms of clarification through the direct separation of yeasts, solid hop residues, tank bottoms, without the need for recirculation.

The ZeroOxTM is a REDA exclusive hermetic system to prevent any oxygen pick-up during the processing. It preserves beer quality and avoids any protein damage: no foam reduction for a perfect draught

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