Protein Recovery System (PRS)

Many advances have been made in the study for the recovery of milk and proteins that may inevitably be ejected outside the bowl during automatic discharges. During production, the dirt contained in the milk (sludge) accumulates on the inner peripheral side of the drum. At the moment of ejection of the sludges it is natural that a small quantity of milk comes out of the drum together with the sludges.

Today, the new generation of REDA milk separators comes standard with the PRS system that is specially conceived to reduce milk loss close to zero at the time of discharge.
This system is the result of some important design modifications respect to previous models with simply bowl design, jointed with a new integration on the existing software.
PRS system guarantees the full control of separation process without any problem of product default: the centrifuge performs very effective ejections and extends its discharge times thanks to its optimized sludge chamber.

• Evident reduction of milk losses during discharges
• Less discharges with a higher solid concentration in the sludges
• Longer intervals between one ejection and the following
• Very short payback time
• Less water consumption
• Less quantity of effluents discharged

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